Language and literature studies

As the name suggests, language and literature studies may be divided into two subsections: language studies (which includes linguistics) and literature studies. The latter is often subdivided into pre-modern and modern literature. They are usually studied in relation to one specific language or group of languages, which may be European or non-European.

Literature studies are concerned with the literature of the respective language. The point of departure of literature studies is always the literary text, which is analysed in relation to different concepts of significance and examined in terms of its form, message, and cultural and social situatedness.

Language studies (linguistics) conceive of human language as the basis of thinking and cognition, and indeed as a fundamental prerequisite for human existence and culture. Language itself – present and past – is consequently the subject of language studies. This includes all forms of spoken language, all forms of written language and also sign languages. [...]

L What are language and literature studies?
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